My Current Diet Plan

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June 4, 2011 by Cassie @ Southeast by Midwest

In my welcome post I mentioned that my latest and so far biggest adventure is the fact that I am trying to lose weight.  When I moved in with my husband I was certain size in pants but after eating his mothers cooking I gained SEVERAL sizes.  I haven’t been happy with this fact for awhile, as a matter of fact it’s been years, but there’s never been anything I could do.  Due to the fact that I lost my job and my husband and I are both in school we are dependent on my mother-in-law therefore it was eat what she made or whatever you could scrounge…but there was never “healthy” food to scrounge.  Due to school, doing things around the house, and pets I was unable to make time to exercise on my own and we could not afford to join a gym

This past year has been a turning point though.  My husband and I are using leftover scholarship money to save up and build a nest egg for when we finish school.  My mother-in-law has started a diet plan and in a bid to both get us off her back for when she doesn’t eat properly (Yeah like that’s going to happen) and to get my husband to lose weight she has decided to let us join in.

So what is this diet plan you ask? Well the main part of it is the shakes…and I’m not talking about those nonfulfilling Slim Fast shakes.  I’m talking about a set of shakes from a company called ViSalus (I want to take this time to say that I am not being paid by them nor is this trying to get you to sign up for it).  The way that it works is that you choose two meals and for those two meals you have a shake.  For the shake you mix milk (can be skim or Silk), fruit (frozen or fresh), flavor (i.e. chocolate or cinnamon), two scoops of ViSalus powder, and ice if you did not use frozen fruit.  They also offer flavor packets that have like energy boots or antioxidents but those are very expensive (the shakes are VERY expensive to so it’s kinda Meh) so we do use them.  You can make different flavors with a set of recipes that you can find on the internet like the other day I had one that tasted like Banana Nut Bread and my husband had Chunky Monkey (chocolate, peanut butter, and banana). For the other meal you have a balanced healthy meal.  I’ve been on it for only a few days and I have already lost a couple of pounds and my appetite has shrunk a bit. Fingers crossed it continues to work.

My second thing that I am doing is increasing my exercise with the Kinect that we have hooked up to the 360.  We have an exercise and dance game for it.


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